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Building Telehealth Champions

//Building Telehealth Champions

Building Telehealth Champions

Congratulations to GHA Institute 2018 graduates of the Certified Telemedicine/Telehealth Professional (CTTP) and Advanced Certified Telemedicine/Telehealth Professional (ACTTP) course. This year’s graduates consist of BSN students, registered nurses (RN), doctoral student nurse practitioners (DNP), nurse practitioners (NP), medical doctors (MD), social workers (MSW), informatics, university professors, military officers, consultants, hospital administrators, corporate executives, directors over housing urban development (HUD), telehealth vendors, nurses aides and more.  GHA Institute’s mission is to continue building telehealth champions. The Telehealth champions focus on creating the changes needed to develop successful programs and services. The champions have an enterprise approach that works to ensure operations are more efficient, including the understanding of patient centric models and maximizing resources. Our graduates continue to push health care organizations both in the USA and around the world to “think outside the box” in order to create the delivery of connected coordinated care.

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