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2020 Next Level Nurse (NLN): The Innovator

By | 2019-10-14T02:17:47+00:00 October 12th, 2019|Accenture Sat Series GHA/AMU, GHA Entrepreneurial, Next Level Nurse (NLN)|

GHA Institute and Partners are proud supporters of WHO 2020 Year of Nurse and Midwife. Starting November 16, we will co sponsor an Accenture Sat Series with our partners American Meridian University (AMU) and Nursing Incubator Center (NIC). The series support leadership and development of nurses and midwives titled Next Level Nurse (NLN) 2020: [...]

GHA Institute Entrepreneurial Program: Human-Centered Technology

By | 2019-06-04T21:14:47+00:00 June 4th, 2019|GHA Entrepreneurial|

GHA Institute entrepreneurial program believes in human-centered technology that will support the well-being of both patients and care team. We believe nurses will lead the way in developing these models. Our standards of excellence provides the highest-quality of telemedicine/telehealth and emerging technology training that is supported through evidence based and embeds Quality Assurance and [...]

GHA Institute Announces the NEW Entrepreneurial Program

By | 2019-06-06T15:58:54+00:00 February 4th, 2019|GHA Entrepreneurial, GHA Technology Incubator, Telemedicine Course Updates|

Welcome to Global Health Access (GHA) Institute Entrepreneurship Program.  Our mission is to advance knowledge, skill, and abilities for students regarding innovation-driven entrepreneurship in a manner that will best serve 21st century global health care access in the nation and world.  The focus of our certification is for GHA students and graduates to obtain [...]